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Good app

Good app for gtalk!

Works fairly well, one idea for improvement...

The icon on the upper task bar for this app displays a tiny + when you get a notification in G+. It would be nice if the + were bright red in color because it is hard to see the tiny little + since it is the same color as the rest of the icon.

Fast but can't get Growl to work

The main reason I am trying this app is because of its support for GROWL. So far I've not had one GROWL notification of an incoming post. In other respects it seems to work fine. Tried new version today and Growl still doesn't work. Time to start looking at other tools.

Great App !!!

I was relieved when I found out that there was a free and easy to use app to help me manage my Google+ accounts. The real time notifications have helped me manage different accounts and stay in touch with my rather large list of contacts! No more cluttering my desktop wall with multiple open browsers that confuse me! Social for Google+ has allowed me to work on other projects while discreetly notifying me with updates :) With Social for Google+, I read articles on the internet while enjoying instant messaging with my friends and updating my clients. Social for Google+ also provides a small preview of incoming messages that regularly help me sort out important conversations.

Nice Application

I've been using this app for just a short time, but it is very handy and so far, very fast.

Very nice app, with one suggestion

I have come to really appreciate this app's responsiveness, and easy accessibility. I just have one suggestion: it would nice if instead of a "g+" icon on the top menu bar, the app would show you the number of notifications you had. Other than this though, a solid and straightforward app that earns my recommendation.

Cant do chat

The only reason i bought this app was so that I can use gtalk and chat with my friends. It doesnt work. I want my money back...

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